Global Goal #10
Organizers and partners
By 2030 achieve gradually and maintain income growth of the least well-off 40 percent of the population at a rate higher than the national average.
Project name
Project period
2017 – 2020
Number of partners
10 +
By 2030 support by legislative mean and encourage the active participation of all people in social, economic and political lives not depending on the age of the people, gender, disabilities, national race, ethnicity, origin, type of religion and finance or other status.
Providing employment opportunities to the people with mental disabilities (mental retardation, autism, Down syndrome). In Ukraine such people don't have possibility to work and get salary. They don't have nothing to do and feel themselves unnecessary.
Opening of social bakery where the people with mental disabilities are working and where such category of people can realize themselves and get socialization.

In the bakery the special conditions are created – every worker is working taking in account his or her strongest ability. The one who succeeds in baking - bakes accompanied by a tutor (ie a rehabilitation specialist and a baker), the one who is more socialized – is working as a courier or takes position as administrator.

Since the establishment of the enterprise, 300 000 UAH have been raised for its launch and development as a help from chat donors, in the project material aid in the amount of 20 000 USD invested by partners and 3200 USD received from patrons on the crowdfinding platform Patreon.

In 2019 thanks to supporting, the project had ability to increase its working capacity and the bakery is moved from small building 60 square meters to other building with bigger area which is 140 sq.m.
were created for the people with mental disabilities.
that amount was collected for the purpose to buy cloth thanks to the activities to collect the money for the necessary things to boarding schools which were hold. 500 people have got the help.
by May 2020 the range of social bakery is increased, taking in account that the bakery started only with one product for sale.
for the period of existing the bakery, from that quantity 50% of the cakes were delivered to point of free dinners of the project "Happy old", 30% - to the psychoneurological boarding schools, 10% - delivered privately, 5% - to hospitages and hospitals and 5% - delivered to house of scene veterans.
About the project were filmed:
By 2030 provide full and productive employment and worthful job for all categories of man and woman, including young people and people with disabilities as well as to provide equal pay for work of equal value.
On the site of the project – for the clients there were created the possibility to "defer" the cakes for those who is needed this. As well as the opportunities are extended and the clients are able now to get subscription for the cakes (5,10 or 30 pc) or to be a patron for the bakery on the crowd finding platform Patreon.

Besides main goal of the project, the enterprise has done the collections and delivery of the requested things and equipment on regular basis to the boarding schools.

Initiative of "deferred" cakes as well as the row of targeted activities as collections, has given the opportunity of regular delivery of the bakery products to the psychoneurological boarding schools, points of free dinners of the project "Happy old", cancer institute and house of scene veterans.
"Good Bread From Good People" bakery in Kyiv, Ukraine. This is a social project that gives jobs to people with mental disabilities like autism, schizophrenia, dementia, etc. This gives an amazing opportunity to people with mental disabilities to have fully paid jobs and to their close ones to be happy seeing them working and having the sense of life in it's fullest.
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