Global Goal #13
Reduce greenhouse gas emission.
Project name
Project period
2015 – 2020
Contribute to combating the climate change and the agricultural land degradation.
Grain dryer conversion from natural gas to the biofuel: Kernel's facilities use 10 to 17 MW boilers operating on the sunflower seed husks to generate steam, which is used for drying the sunflower seeds and oil production. Continuous modernization and refurbishment of equipment to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Installation of LED industrial lighting in factories, silos and agricultural enterprises.

Equipping silos with the heat generators operating on the grain cleaning waste to minimize the natural gas consumption.

Regular renewal of the agricultural machinery fleet with the new equipment having higher fuel efficiency.
By 2030, significantly increase the share of renewable source energy in the energy balance.
Kernel is the world largest manufacturer and exporter of the SUNFLOWER oil, the key supplier of the agricultural products to the world markets. The company's share of the world export of sunflower oil is about 15%. The company supplies its products to more than 80 countries. Since 2007, the company's shares have been listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).
Organizers and partners
By 2030, significantly reduce waste by taking measures to prevent its generation, ensure its reduction, recycling and reusing.
Land degradation prevention: retaining a sufficient level of nutrients in the soil; selection of the balanced crop rotation; prevention of soil erosion through careful selection of tillage technologies; functioning of an integrated pest management system; and use of certified PPPs.

Analyzing the soil of the company's land bank (more than 530 th. ha) in the Company's soil laboratory every 3-4 years, followed by optimization of the fertilizer application system.

Kernel Green Team: the initiative to "green" Kernel's offices, which includes the implementation of electronic document management; collection of paper, batteries, polyethylene, plastic and tetra packs for further recycling; use of energy saving lamps, etc.
Number of partners
1 000 +
More than $170 million invested in renewable energy projects in 2018-2021 (construction of commercial plants at Kernel's facilities for generating the renewable heat and electricity from biomass).
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