Global Goal #15
Take urgent and significant action to reduce the degradation of natural habitats, halt the loss of biodiversity and, by 2020, protect and prevent the extinction of threatened species.
Project name
Project period
2017 – 2020
The project aims at drawing attention to the environmental issues e.g. the expanding distinction of Ukrainian flora and faunal forms listed in the Red Book of Ukraine and the devastation of virgin forests.
In partnership with the WWF Ukraine, there have been announced a long-term campaign 'Home for the Lynx' striving to help the lynx and its cubs survive in the Ukrainian forests. The funds are raised to finance the research on the population of the Eurasian lynx in Polissia. Following this research, together with the forestry sections there will be launched actions to improve conditions in the habitats of lynxes. The 'Home for the Lynx' campaign will be run prior to and after the release of 'Mavka. The Forest Song' cartoon: fundraising will accompany the launch of all formats of the 'Mavka' brand (books, shows, exhibitions, fashion events, jewellery collections, toys, etc.). The raised funds will be accumulated on the WWF Ukraine platforms.

'Mavka. The Forest Song' animated feature is based on 'The Forest Song', the fantasy drama by Lesya Ukrainka. The Mavka's Magic Forest is inhabited not only by myth creatures but also by rare endangered species under the protection of the Red Book of Ukraine (black stork, bison, lynx, etc.).
The project's virtues: to draw the attention of the wide audience to the preservation of endangered species and to help them. With the animated film being our product, we have a chance to have many people reached, thus, to have them informed about the problem by means of integration of the Red Book animals into the cartoon and through the 'Home for the Lynx' campaign.

This way we introduce the extinction of species, devastation of forests and other major problems to the audience.

The raised funds are to finance the research on the population of the Eurasian lynx in Polissia and subsequent improvement of conditions in the habitats of lynxes. The funds come from the sale of books of Kyiv Book House publishing, jewellery collection by OBERIG Jewelry. As of late October 2019 about UAH 30 000 have been raised, this amount will be increased with the proceeds of Ice Sculpture Castle ticket sales at VDNG, 2018/19 and 2019/20 seasons.

The 'Mavka' brand is constantly increasing the number of its partners and there are already arrangements with new licensees that will support the cause next year.
Number of partners
FILM.UA Group is the Eastern Europe's largest vertically integrated group of film and TV production companies. The Group covers the development, production, adaptation, distribution and delivery of the audiovisual content, and provides the comprehensive range of services.
Organizers and partners
The project is implemented with the support of the WWF Ukraine.
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