Global Goal #3
Achieve universal health coverage, including financial risk protection, access to quality essential health-care services and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all.
Project name
Organizers and partners
2013 – present
• ensure accessibility to treatment with modern and efficient medicines;

• promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being of the public;

• promote research and development of new medicines.
• development of modern effective medicines at an affordable price;

• investments in development, production, social and educational projects for young scientists and schoolchildren;

• presence in almost all therapeutic classes;

• launch of more than 20 products annually, over 110 products are in the pipeline.

In order to reduce the financial burden of patients and to increase accessibility of medicines, Farmak is proactive in the Governmental Program 'Affordable Medicines' with a share of 13,7%.
Farmak is the leader of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market by the share of sales of medicines. Today, the Company's portfolio includes about 250 medicines, which are sold in 28 countries beside Ukraine.
In 2018, a new manufacturing facility for solid dosage forms was opened. Investments made up to € 20 million. After launch of the new manufacturing facility, the Company's annual production output doubled to 3 billion units. Almost 100 new jobs were also created. There are 6 workshops for the production of medicines, 5 state-of-the-art laboratories, and its own R&D complex. Since 2015, the own API manufacturing complex has operated in Shostka. Its planned annual output is 100 tons of APIs.
The Company makes active investments in the following areas:
The Company annually reinvests approximately 95% of its profits in the development. Over the past five years, Farmak has invested ₴ 3.4 billion in a scientific and technical complex, manufacturing equipment, and R&D. The expansion of the manufacturing facilities over the past 5 years allowed increase in production output by 35%.
The Company has about 2,700 employees. 250 employees are involved in R&D. In total, the Company has 150 scientists, including 40 employees having an academic degree of Candidate of Science and 5 employees having an academic degree of Doctor of Science. In 2019, 1,100 Farmak's employees received training, of which 81 received training abroad.
Social Projects
In 2013, the project entitled 'Young Scientist's School' was started. It focuses on the scientific potential of our country and aims at becoming a platform for knowledge exchange between young scientists. 1,500 participants took part, and over 150 Ukrainian and foreign speakers lectured over the period of this project.

In 2019, Farmak together with Osnovy Publishing House published a book 'Science Will Be for You: Ukrainian Scientists Changing the World'. The book tells about 30 outstanding scientists whose inventions changed the world and life of each and every person. By publishing the book, the Company is eager to draw attention to the development of our country's scientific potential, to demonstrate to modern young scientists on examples of renowned scientists that prospects for growth and development do exist, and that many discoveries can be made and developed in their country while contributing to world science.
Manufacturing facilities
which consists of:
• an educational course for schoolchildren of 8-11 grades. In 2019, the project was carried out in Shostka and Kyiv involving 10 schools in each of the cities. Over the whole period of this project, over 200 schoolchildren received theoretical and practical knowledge on the sustainable use of natural resources, human impact on the environmental system, social business, project management;

• grants for the implementation of own environmental projects (9 projects);

• a tailored textbook approved by the Ministry of Education
and Science;

• online learning platform, where Ukrainian schoolchildren can join the project, gain new knowledge, create a team, develop an environment-related project for their school and win a grant for its implementation. Currently, almost 1,000 schoolchildren are registered on the platform.
Project period
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