Global Goal #5
Eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and girls everywhere.
Project name
Project period
2017 – 2019
To raise the awareness of professionals of local executive and self-governance bodies on ways of preventing and combating discrimination based on sex.

To disseminate experience of activities of the relevant expert councils and to establish cooperation with the regional representative offices of the Industrial Gender Committee on Advertising on sites.
A series of participatory seminars on "Sexist Advertising Prevention: Local Government Tools and Cooperation with Civil Society" were held in 16 regions, with more than 700 participants.
700 PARTICIPANTS related to the creation and placement of advertising in 16 regions of Ukraine took a course to prevent manifestations of sexist advertising.
Use high efficiency technologies more actively, in particular information and communication technologies to promote women's empowerment.
Adopt and improve smart strategies and mandatory laws aimed at encouraging gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls at all levels.
Number of partners
Regional Expert Councils have been created to prevent and combat discrimination based on sex.

The seminars facilitated the creation of coordination platforms that brought together managers, advertisers, and community activists for identifying and preventing discriminatory advertising;
professionals with different, sometimes even opposite views on the existing problems of advertising and combating sexism and discrimination.
Policy recommendations, related to conducting a gender examination of citizens' appeals on sites have been developed.
Proposals for amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Advertising" have been developed, the purpose of which is to prevent the emergence of discriminatory advertising.
Organizers and partners
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