Global Goal #5
Create the conditions for the elimination of all discrimination forms against women and girls.
Project name
Project period
2019 – till now
Create a corporate system to support women empowerment, promote the principles of gender equality and counteract the spread of gender discrimination and violence.
Signing and integration of Women Empowerment Principles in corporate policies,content programs, and advocacy of the media group, expansion of partnership to promote the 5 Sustainable Development Goals, combating violence and discrimination by:

signing of Women Empowerment Principles by CEO of StarLightMedia Mykhailo Tsarev;

• corporate audit of the gender gap cases in career appointments and employee remuneration;

• usage of the Weps Gap Analysis Tool to evaluate the company's practices and analyze the progress made;

• development of an annual plan, includingintegration of the principle of gender equality and non-discrimination in all key aspects of the company's work: recruitment and human capital management, content creation, cooperation with contractors and partners, advocacy of the media group;
Reduce the level of domestic and gender violence;
ensure prevention of its manifestations and timely assistance to victims.
Encourage shared responsibility for housekeeping and upbringing of children.
Number of partners
StarLightMedia is the first Ukrainian company to join Women
Empowerment Principles.

The department of sustainable development is created for the purpose of systematic work on achieving progress in the field of gender equality.

The corporate audit establishes that there is no gender gap in employee remuneration and career appointments.

The recruitment process, job descriptions and vacancies including, is based on the principle of gender neutrality,and reporting on the company's commitment to the topic of gender equality.

The implemented corporate parenting support program promotes shared responsibility for upbringing of children, empowers and supports women.

Women Empowerment Principles and the rules on the prohibition of all forms of discrimination are integrated into the corporate code of ethics.

The HeforShe movement in Ukraine is supported at the corporate and personal level.

Extensive media support is provided to the Third Ukrainian Women's Congress in order to update the issue, advocate for the topic and support the civil and political movement on gender equality in the Ukrainian information space.
Expand economic opportunities for women.
StarLightMedia – Ukrainian company leader in the production and distribution of content for television and digital platforms. StarLightMedia includes channels ICTV, STB, Novy Channel and Otse!
Organizers and partners
• public commitment to the implementation of Women Empowerment Principles action plan, as well as a commitment to the value of gender equality and the principles of sustainable development;

• development of an action plan to counteract domestic violence and establish zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination;

• coverage of problems and current barriers for achieving gender equality in Ukraine in news and special projects of the media group;

• partnerships with relevant UN institutions and NGOs to promote the 5 Sustainable Development Goals, for instance: the UN Global Compact, the UN Women, the United Nations Population Fund, the National Democratic Institute and civil society activists in the field of gender equality;

• annual reporting to stakeholders on the progress made, planned corrective actions and plans for the coming year in order to ensure transparency and expand the partnership network for gender equality achievement.
The Declaration on Gender Equality and Combating Domestic Violence is signed and developed together with the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine and other representatives of the business sector who share the value of gender equality.

The system for identification of the companies owned or managed by women has been introduced in order to further set a target for the percentage of partnerships with women-owned firms.

A special project "Dad in Quarantine" is implemented in order to promote equal parental involvement in upbringing of children. Opinion leaders from all of the media group's TV channels join the project to share their experiences and encourage other fathers to follow suit.

Within the framework of the project "Vid patsanky do panyanky", a project dedicated to combating domestic violence and protecting its victims has been implemented.

Regular coverage of gender equality in StarLightMedia news is provided.
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