Global Goal #6
Drive water security to assure business continuity while positively contributing to communities.
Project name
Project period
2013 – till present
• Provide free of charge access to safe drinking and cooking water for children from local communities in Ukrainian regions where the company's plants operate.

• Choose child care facilities that require urgent action to improve water quality (e.g. if the water contains high organic concentration of salts, nitrates, nitrites, manganese, iron).

• Choose a technical and service partner for the installation and timely maintenance of water treatment equipment in selected facilities.

• Choose an administrative partner to implement the project on the ground and identify the needs of child care facilities.
The "Clean Water" project, which involves the installation of
water purification systems in child care facilities.

The Charity Fund "Blagomay", which takes care of children at
greatest social risk, in particular those raised at boarding schools and children's homes, has been selected as an administrative partner to implement the project on the ground.

The Fund is responsible for daily communication with child care facilit-ies and obtaining data on their water quality and suggestions for its improvement. The fund also collects information on the status of existing water treatment systems and timely maintenance schedules.

On October 28th 2013, the first water purification system was launched in the Mykolaiv region.

Within the framework of the project, the following objectives were achieved:
• conservation and sustainable use of water resources specific to local regions;

• exercise of the right to access to clean drinking water that fully meets the highest quality and safety standards;

• a positive impact on children's health in local communities;

• greater awareness of local community members, including children, about the importance of responsible water consumption.
Number of partners
PepsiCo Ukraine, represented by "Sandora" and "Wimm-Bill-Dann Ukraine" companies, is one of the leaders of the Ukrainian market of foods and beverages. The company occupies a leading position in the market of juices and nectars with "Sandora", "Sadochok", "Sandorik" brands and others. The brand portfolio also includes Pepsi, 7UP, Mirinda carbonated drinks, Lipton Ice Tea iced tea, "Aqua Minerale" mineral water.
Organizers and partners
• Implement the project for purchasing, installing and maintaining the water treatment equipment on a gradual and long-term basis, increasing the number of child care facilities involved in the project.

• Inform communities (including children) about the importance of efficient and responsible water consumption.

• Look for innovations that deliver improved water use efficiency and wastewater treatment in Ukrainian regions where the company's plants operate.
Ecosoft, a leader in the field of water treatment equipment and water purification in Ukraine, has been selected as the project's technical and service partner for the installation and timely maintenance of water treatment equipment in child care facilities. Ecosoft also produces water treatment equipment that is being installed in sponsored child care facilities.

This partnership with two leaders in their respective fields allowed to reach important synergies and a sustainable high-quality outcome.
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