Global Goal #7
Increase the share of generation from renewable energy sources (RES) in the national energy balance, in particular through the introduction of additional capacity at RES facilities.
Project name
Project period
2008 – 2020
• Increase the share of energy from renewable sources in order to meet the goals of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine. The strategy foresees a significant increase in the share of green electricity by 2035. To this end, 25% of Ukraine's total primary energy supply shall derive from renewable energy sources;

• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, assisting Ukraine in meeting its commitments under the Paris Agreement in the field of climate change prevention and adaptation;

• Provide reliable and safe working conditions for all employees;

• Prevent degradation of natural habitats and ensure the conservation of species.
Construction and operation of renewable energy facilities in Ukraine by DTEK Renewables:
• DTEK Renewables has built solar and wind power plants (SPP and WPPs) with a total capacity of 1 GW;

• DTEK Renewable's green electricity generation will ensure that 2.6 million tons of greenhouse gases (CO2-eq), will not be released into the air annually. It is the equivalent of the annual emission of 1.3 million cars;

• Almost 1,000 hectares of reclaimed land, unsuitable for agriculture, were used to install solar panels;

• DTEK Renewables has invested more than € 1 billion in the construction of solar and wind power plants and engaged the world's best equipment manufacturers to its projects;

• Production process and environmental management system are certified in accordance with international standards ISO 45011:2018 "Occupational health and safety management systems" and ISO 14001: 2015, respectively;

• DTEK Renewables carries out environmental protection measures and continuous monitoring of flora and fauna at SPPs and WPPs sites. Accordingly, the impact on ornithological complexes at the sites of WPP is monitored according to the recommendations of the Scottish Natural Heritage Foundation. Additionally, the tracking of bats abides by Surveillance and Monitoring Methods for European Bats Guidelines produced by the Agreement on the Conservation of European Bats (EUROBATS).
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50 +
Promote safe and secure working conditions for all employees, in particular through the use of innovative technologies in the field of labor protection and industrial safety.
Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Economy.
Take immediate action to curb habitat degradation;
halt biodiversity loss;
and ensure the conservation of endangered species by 2020.
DTEK RES is an operating company of the DTEK Group, which develops and operates RES facilities
DTEK RES is one of the largest investors in the green energy sector in Ukraine. Each company project contributes to achieving the global goal of the country - the decarbonization of the economy.
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